CSA Art Auction // FR2019 Fundraiser @ Three Wise Monkeys

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Roll up, roll up! As the first of our fundraising ideas to help support us in our creative endeavours we chose to hold an art auction. With the kindness and generosity of local artists, we managed to round up approximately 50 lots for the night, and that doesn't even include the work we had up for grabs in the raffle. To say that this was a walk in the park would be lying - a lot of time, effort and dedication went into pulling this off.

It took next to no time to decide on the venue, however, getting confirmation of the date and space was another matter altogether. A lot of chasing went on but eventually, we managed to arrange a date. The space on offer meant that we had an edgy area, a bar and a stage, what more do you want?

This confirmation was the catalyst for the event - with less than a month between venue confirmation and the date arranged there was plenty to get on with. With kindly shared artist contacts, passed to me by past and present tutors, I was able to reach out to many artists I would not have otherwise been able to contact. As expected, not everyone was as willing to donate work as others, and whilst some rejection did shake me bit, the overwhelming positivity we received outweighed this. With the help of friends, and friends of friends, we managed to land ourselves a sassy host for the night and an upcoming indie band. Entertainment was go!

The lovely Charlotte took on the responsibility of photographing, formatting and creating the catalogues for the night. This was a wonderful addition to the evening that upped the professionalism of the night. As well as this, Iris took on the responsibility of making the paddles, painted in an array of pastel colours and hand letter pressed with black numbers meant the night had a kooky edge. To keep consistency, we ensured the colour theme remained similar throughout the catalogues, paddles and posters, further emphasising a sense of professionalism.

The night itself unnerved me. With fear of it being under advertised I worried that the lack of exposure may impact our success. Whilst this fear was somewhat confirmed, with a relatively small turn out, the money we raised exceeded anything I could have imagined. With each member of the course being assigned roles for the night, the event ran relatively smoothly and the stress leading up to the event diminished. Our fantastic host, Angelica Bangs, took centre stage and ensured that no work went unsold. Whilst this did potentially prolong the evening, it was absolutely worth it, and plenty of punters left with armfuls of art!

The organising of this event was a bit unsettling and there were plenty of minor details that I had not considered, however, thankfully others had! This opportunity pushed me to achieve something beyond anything I have previously attempted and furthered my skills in networking with people in both the creative and events industry. It gave me a greater aim in regards to fundraising and made me realise the possibilities that can be achieved if people actively work together and share ideas


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