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In the lead up to the show, we've been considering the additional touches in which can add a layer of professionalism to the finish. One feature that has been brushed over for some time now is the display of the artist statements, and how we can keep this concise throughout. After visiting London earlier this year and visiting, Is This Tomorrow? at Whitechapel, a few people expressed interest in the use of symbols which linked the work to the brochure. It added a coherent link of which kept the show quite clean, not bombarded by text and therefore easier to revisit specific works or artists that you were interested in. Therefore, I thought, as we had discussed having a book corner featuring alongside our dissertations, oh which we would paint a specific colour which may then run throughout the rest of the show to form coherence, I proposed using symbols in the form of simple shapes which could later be referred back to in any sort of independent brochure we choose to produce. I considered the potential of using wall stickers/vinyl that we got printed with our statements and work titles, and also the possibility of simply painting the shapes onto the wall and then printing out the necessary text onto tracing paper and layering this slightly over the shape. Whilst personally, I considered the wall sticker/transfer/vinyl a highly professional and sleek prospect, it did offer difficulty in achieving the exact tone of the paint made for the book corner, thus, potentially reducing the sense of professionalism. Furthermore, this would be a greater expense then simply using the painting/tracing paper method as the latter method is one we can achieve easily using our own facilities. Also, if the application of the latter method goes wrong on first attempt, it's far easier to amend than having to get new transfers/stickers printed by a company and thus, this was the option that people chose. I think this method also allows for greater simplicity in some sense, meaning that the information can be pinpointed by the shape but not too obtuse that it interferes with the work or aesthetic of the show. This also links into the aesthetic previously discussed for the small brochures that Charlotte wishes to produce, allowing for greater consistency in style and thus, a higher professional finish.

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