London Bound // Truman Brewery

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

On November 1st, myself and my peers headed to London to explore the potential spaces available to us next summer for Free Range 2019, Europe's largest graduate showcase held at London's Truman Brewery. The venue, located on London's Brick Lane, is a hot spot for the arts and culture, meaning that this is an exceptional opportunity for us all to be a part of. On entering the building we were introduced to four spaces, each of varying sizes and each with differing pros and cons. The space of which last years students had, which is most likely the space which we shall be choosing for ourselves, is a large space with huge potential. Tne of the predominant factors of which is both a pro and con is the access to other spaces which this area offers. This means lots of doors and not a lot of wall space. Whilst this might sound more detrimental than positive, the freedom that is offered with the hire of the space does mean that we are pretty much able to let loose - fix non-permanent walls, drill into the pillars, essentially, create our own walkways throughout the space. Also, the high density of doors that enter the area means that there is heavy footfall in the space, therefore, if an obstruction or pathway is formed throughout the space then people will be encouraged to engage with the work on display.

The doorways however do mean that by creating diversions in the space, due to health and safety we need to ensure that there are gaps of 1.5 metres at all times, thus allowing wheelchair access. Whilst this may prove difficult, it is a challenge we are all willing to accept.

This trip allowed for us to grasp a better understanding of the space, gain a breakdown of the cost as well as cover and confirm any uncertainties or queries that we had. I think it's safe to say that we're all excited for what this opportunity has to offer and the potential that our work can take on over the coming year!

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